Teachers should be abreast with current events in all areas.  The use of ICT in the classroom will enable them to deliver information to students in the manner that they  are now more familiar with.  Teacher resources help make researching in preparation for lessons a bit easier.

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At the Anse La Raye Primary technology integration is a vital part of our teaching and learning.  We encourage students to use the available technology to to make learning exciting in all subject areas.


Here are a few sites that we think you will enjoy while learning.

Reading Interactive Site

Interactive Math Site

Science and Math Fun Review Site

Music Interactive Site





Parenting in this era is a very challenge task.  There are so many issues to deal with which were not around when parents were growing up.  Parents need to stay abreast with child development in this century.  Being able to interact with children in this ever changing world has become a little more difficult.  We acknowledge that not every one has the capacity on their own to raise children. At the Anse La Raye Primary School we are aware that parents need help sometimes.   We believe that good students are raised when the family, school and community are involved, aspiring for the same goal.  Everyone has a part to play.  We are available to you if the need arises, feel free to contact the school or visit your child’s teacher for assistance. We have also included a few sites that we think can help in the struggle of parenting in this century.

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