Meet the staff

Our school is made up of a cadre of dedicated persons who are committed to the vision and mission of the school in creating holistic individuals, who will become active participants who will contribute to he progress of our country.


Mr. Flavian Isembert (Principal)

Mr Flavian Isembert



Principal’s Message



Ms. Gisele Rene (Teacher)


“Learning,growing, having fun”  My teaching experience began in the Kindergarten classroom where I helped students do just that. ” Oui…”  did I say “Oui?”  After 3 years, I spent one year introducing french to students of the infant and primary schools.  At present I guide a set of energetic third graders into discovering and learning new things each day.  Keeping busy in grade 3. 



Mr. Albert Corsinie (Teacher)


Presently I am a grade four teacher at the school. I have taught every grade at the primary school except grade three. I enjoy teaching Mathematics very much. In my free time I assist with the coaching of cricket and table tennis. 



Ms. Ayana Samuel (Teacher)


I have served in the Education sector for about 17 years now both in a full time and part time capacity.  I started my teaching career in 1996 providing instruction to students at the Anse La Raye Infant and Primary Schools.  After becoming a qualified teacher and attaining my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Business Management, I moved into the field of IT.  However, I continued educating on a part time basis with the University of the West Indies Open Campus as an online facilitator and Course Coordinator for the last 9 years.My inspiration and love for educating came in my very young years as a student at the Anse La Raye Primary School from one of my past teachers who is presently one of my colleagues at the Anse La Raye Primary School.  Just as he inspired and motivated me, so too I wanted to be able to do the same with other students and I have been committed to doing so.  Thank you Mr. Corsinie.  



Mr. Glenison Lawrence (Teacher)


I am currently the grade five teacher at the school. I have many roles at the institution which include being the Shop Steward of the St. Lucia Teachers Union (S.L.T.U.) and also the contact person for Teachers’ Cooperative at the school. My passion for music, poetry and informative debating does not go without being mentioned.   To conclude, my hobbies include kayaking, riding, swimming and to compliment my drive for music, I play the guitar. 



Ms. Sacha Edward (Teacher)


Enthusiastic, passionate Grade 6 teacher for the past three years.  I am Ms. Edward, enjoying the obstacles and rewards that I face daily with my students. This is proof that I always try my best in bringing out the best in every one of them, to help them grow into responsible diligent persons in society. 



Mrs. Linda Headley (Teacher)


My name is Linda Headley, a grade six teacher. I enjoy my profession as it is very rewarding. Impacting knowledge and molding students into young professionals that will eventually contribute to society brings me great joy. 



Ms. Sylvia Joseph (Music Teacher)

Sylvia 2

I love teaching general music and directing the school’s choir.  My desire is to instill in the students the love for music and the arts.  I also ensure that students not only learn music during my classes, but also maintain a high level of discipline. I also try to integrate whatever students are learning in their classroom  during teaching.  I believe that “Music can change the word because it can change people.” 



Ms. Tuta Frederick (Special Education Teacher)

I am Tuta Frederick. I have been a teacher at the school since 2009. I taught grade three for five years, grade four for one year and am currently the Special Education teacher at the school. I enjoy working with younger children so that I can help set their foundation in education. 



Mr. Orley Octave (Physical Education Teacher)

Physical Education is increasingly becoming a core school subject. It is indeed a pleasure to assist students in developing key life and movement skills through physical education. The Anse La Raye Primary and Infant Schools have been blessed with great talent and I do enjoy working to develop the sporting skills  of students of the two schools. 



Mrs. Julia Popo Frederick (French Teacher)

Mrs. Julia Popo Frederick (Teacher)

Salut! Je m’appelles Julia Popo Frederick. I am the newly appointed French teacher for the Anse La Raye Primary and Infant Schools. Learning is made fun with the use of innovative and exciting activities, thus contributing to a vibrant French program. Au revoir! 



Ms. Odilia Berthier (Secretary)

I am the Principal’s assistant Ms. Odilia Alia Berthier.  I have been employed at this productive institution for the past 4 years.  It has been my pleasure working at the school that I attended as a child and the community that I grew up in and love.  I feel privileged working with other hardworking, motivated and devoted staff at the school. 



Mr. Kevin Charles (ICT Officer)


I am Kevin Charles, the Information Communications Technology Officer at the Anse La Raye Primary School and the Anse La Raye R.C. Infant School. My job is to facilitate the development of ICT as it is the fastest growing sector in a business aspect. I interchange daily at both schools to ensure a simultaneous level of productivity. 



Ms. Lucia Fedee (Cook)


I have been employed at the school as the cook for the past  15 years.  I enjoy cooking nutritious meals for the students daily. 



Ms. Edwidge Charles (Assistant Cook)


I am the assistant cook employed by the N.I.C.E initiative.  I have been working at the school for the past 8 years.  I enjoy interacting with the children. 



Ms. Camilla Fedee (Cleaner)


I have worked as a cleaner at the school for the past 17 years.  I enjoy what I do for the school. Cleaning and beautifying the school. 



Mrs. Victorine Butcher (Cleaner)


I take pride in keeping my school clean for the students and teachers.  I Love my job and have worked at this school for 8 years.  I have been a cleaner for the past 14 years.  Prior to working at the Anse La Raye Primary School I worked at the St. Aloysius R.C. Boys School in Castries. 



Mr. Jonah George (Daytime Caretaker/Watchman)


Keeping the school ground clean and tidy is my job.  I arrive at school before the students and staff and beginwork. i always want to make sure that the place is dust free so that that their uniforms remain clean. I am also concerned about the health of the students. I also work on the school farm and pond in helping to produce fresh and healthy locally produced foods to keep the children healthy.  I enjoy my job. 



Mr. Lincoln Clement (Caretaker/Watchman)


My role at the school is to assist the daytime watchman in his duties. I feel very comfortable at the school. The students are very  I also do repairs on the school furniture and plumbing.  I also assist in the setting up of the school’s farm. 

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