Inter-House Sports Meet

On Thursday February 25, 2016 students of the Anse La Raye Primary School converged onto the community playing field for their Annual Inter House Track and Field Championship. Four energetic teams each representing one of the sporting houses of the school (blue for Deterville House, green for Mandela House, yellow for Walcott House and red for Sobers House), were ready to put out their best in track and field events. Crowds of onlookers gathered outside the playing field.  House master and housemates from the different houses lined the sidelines to offer support to their house. Who will be winner of the 2016 sports meet? Will the defending Champions Deterville be able to capture the title again for the second consecutive year? Only time would tell.

At mid morning the streets of Anse La Raye became alive with colour, music, chants and cheers as the students made their way from the school grounds, through the village and onto the community playing field. The parade led by the school’s band, with their pulsating rhythms from drums, cymbals, “Ti Bois” and other local musical instruments. Neither the students nor onlookers could have resisted the infectious sounds. People’s feet and waistlines moved to the music in true “Anse La Rayian” style.

On the playing field a generous gathering of sporting officials, specially invited guests awaited on the field. The parish priest of Anse La Raye Fr. Raj blessed the proceedings, followed by the reciting of the Athlete’s Oath by Amaya Seraphin then the Sports Meet was declared open. Loud cheers burst into the air then the battle between the houses began. The sporting activity began at approximately 11 am.

The students battled in the true spirit of sportsmanship. They ran their hearts out. It was indeed a spectacle to admire student’s talent on parade. A true demonstration of fitness and exercise all of which contribute towards the wealth of our nation. The meet also provided an opportunity for parents to notice their children’s talent and be especially proud of them. Many parents showed support for their children by dressing up in the same colours as their children.

The events of the day culminated with races ran by parents and teachers. This was a true demonstration of a school being part of the community and it takes both teachers and parents working together for the betterment and education of the children. Sports Coordinator Mr. Octave congratulated the teams on a job well done and had the privilege of announcing the winners. The students and spectators were bursting with anticipation. At the end of the day the results were as follows;
4thplace        Sobers
3rdplace        Walcott
2ndplace       Mandela
1st place     Deterville (Winners)

Deterville House reclaimed their title. As habitual the athletes from the winning house ran an entire lap around the field in celebration of their victory. Though there were no sour faces were shown on the faces of the athletes of the other houses. Although one house walked away with the trophy, all the participating athletes left the grounds as winners as each student gave their best and that’s what matters. Well done and congratulations to the students, teachers, organizers and all others who helped make the event the success that it was.

Congratulations to the organizers! Congratulations to the athletes! Congratulations!






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